Welcome to Nubbin Rubbin’: A slowly building movement

Nubbin Runnin

Nubbin Rubbin’ is a slow clitoral stimulation technique that strives to be more pleasure-centric and indulgent for her. Nubbin Rubbin’ can be performed with either the tongue or the thumb, and each provides a slightly different experience.

Nubbin Rubbin’ is an effort to change the way women experience sex and orgasms. It helps create an environment where women are encouraged to embrace the reception of sexual attention from their partner and indulge themselves in the pleasures of sex, rather than striving to achieving a quick orgasm.

Nubbin Rubbin’ has four components:

Relax: First, you need to relax and just let things happen. This is not the time to worry about your partner or your orgasms. Just relax and let things take their course

Patience: A little patience is important as you just let the slow movements create sensations that build up over the first couple of minutes.

Stay in the moment: Enjoy it! Just let yourself feel the pleasure your partner is creating for you. Don’t worry about your partner, don’t try to hurry an orgasm along. Stay in the moment and indulge yourself. It’s unlike anything most people get to experience.

The finish: For many women the finish is a strong and satisfying orgasm you’ll want to experience again. Orgasm isn’t guaranteed since all women are different, though this technique has a very high success rate and helps many women orgasm who haven’t in the past. The key here is the previous step: don’t try to achieve an orgasm; worrying about it can keep it from happening.

Nubbin Rubbin’ can be done with the tongue or the thumb. The tongue provides a more intimate experience and women tend to orgasm faster, while the thumb tends to be slower with a longer plateau, and thus is more indulgent. Try both!

Weston provides Nubbin Rubbin’ experiences to women in the San Francisco Bay area. There’s no cost for Nubbin Rubbin’, and nothing is expected in return. Weston also teaches Nubbin Rubbin’ to couples. The goal of Nubbin Rubbin’ is to help create an environment of better and more mindful sex.

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